SUCCESS ENGINE Compressor provides emergency compressor for nuclear industry

Development of Nuclear-Grade Anti-seismic Air Compressors with National Nuclear Corporation

The development and utilization of nuclear energy has brought new momentum to the development of human society. In order to adapt to the rapid development of nuclear energy in China, and to better utilize the advantages of nuclear energy and achieve greater development, the nuclear industry must innovate nuclear technology, ensure nuclear safety and emergency planning.

In order to ensure nuclear safety and emergency preparedness, Shanghai SUCCESS ENGINE Compressor Co., Ltd. and the Research and Design Institute of China National Nuclear Corporation jointly developed a "Nuclear Emergency Anti-seismic Air Compressor," which is applied in various branches of China National Nuclear Corporation.

The design, production, process and procurement of SUCCESS ENGINE's nuclear-grade air compressors are comprehensively evaluated in strict accordance with the relevant control procedures, and the quality assurance system is established. The quality assurance outline and quality assurance plan are formulated in strict accordance with the requirements of the nuclear power quality safety regulations QA2, including the safety level of mechanical equipment, the IE level of the electrical system, and the seismic category. All units and individuals participating in the company's design and manufacturing activities must strictly perform their responsibilities and work according to the principles specified in the "Quality Assurance Outline."

This "Nuclear Emergency Air Compressor" is designed to withstand the maximum ground motion (OBE) and the largest possible seismic event (SSE) that may occur in the factory area, and ensure its safety function during or after an earthquake. This will guarantee the preparedness and response capabilities of nuclear emergency, continuously enhance the level of Chinese nuclear security, and promote the sustained and healthy development of nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy is accompanied by risks and challenges to nuclear safety. Nuclear safety is the lifeline of sustained and healthy development of nuclear energy, and nuclear emergency is a pivotal safeguard. SUCCESS ENGINE air compressors are continuously innovated and upgraded, and their product lines comply with the requirements of National Nuclear Industry needs. SUCCESS ENGINE is a long-term qualified supplier for China National Nuclear Corporation.

Post time: Jun-05-2023