Songjiang Prefecture, a millennium old town, has transformed into Shanghai Beach in a century! By the 10000 acre ecological conservation forest of Sanjing (soil purification, water purification, and gas purification), and at the world-renowned source of the Huangpu River, our factory appears even more beautiful and elegant - located at the production base of Shanghai Shenxingjian Compressor Co., Ltd. in Maogang Industrial Park, Songjiang District, Shanghai, surrounded by water, with rich and elegant content. She takes the noble concept of "highlighting differences and creating mysteries" as the criterion, cultivates and upgrades, and constantly strives for self-improvement! Creating a continuous stream of high-quality compressors


Poetic factory environment

The modern research buildings and production workshops in the factory area are built according to leading energy consumption and environmental design standards. From a glance, whether it is the grand factory layout, fashionable exterior wall design, multi-functional office areas, or the vibrant and meticulous faces, they all convey the brand connotation of Shenxingjian air compressors to us: solemn, noble, professional, efficient, and constantly striving for excellence, showcasing Shenxingjian's passion and boldness Honorable and sacred, honest and profound corporate style and strong strength!


Only Shen Xingjian can see such a beautiful forest and jade tree!

Entering the Shenxingjian factory area, it is difficult for people to imagine that it is an air compressor manufacturing factory. This grand and modern building contains a noble and cultural atmosphere, with precious ancient trees and precious trees standing tall, quiet and elegant, just like a symbol of the owner's nobility. Ancient Ginkgo biloba, precious pear tree (also known as Acacia tree), yew, eight edged crabapple, rare crystal red bayberry, strange flowers and stones... are distributed among the green belts in the factory area.


Shenxingjian factory area, poetic and picturesque!

Strange flowers and fruits, poetic and picturesque, all in the Shenxingjian compressor plant area! The poetic factory environment contains the brand connotation and cultural atmosphere of the enterprise, subverts the tradition of the mechanical manufacturing industry, and casts the highest realm of industry classics!


Tranquility is the key to achieving success, calmness is the key to calming down, calmness is the key to doing things, and doing things is the key to achieving success. The process of cultivating calmness is to pursue a balance, create a harmony, accumulate a foundation, and achieve a realm.

Production Workshop

Refined and Clean Production Facility

SUCCESS ENGINE has adopted the colors black, yellow, and green to visually represent the company and its products. The color black denotes a sense of dignity and stability, yellow symbolizes the oil-injected screw air compressor, and green represents the new energy compressor, emphasizing energy efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Our modern research building and production workshops are constructed according to leading energy consumption and environmental design standards. The grand factory layout, fashionable exterior design, multifunctional office areas, and energetic yet meticulous faces of our staff all convey the brand essence of Success Engine air compressors: dignified, noble, professional, efficient, and continuously striving for excellence. This reflects our passion, grandeur, nobility, purity, and profound corporate culture, as well as our strong capabilities and accomplishments.

Production area of oil injection screw air compressor


Energy saving screw compressor production area


Oil free compressor production area


Container and special compressor production area


Skid mounted and mobile compressor production area