Quality Assurance System for Military Nuclear Power

Shenxingjian has a professional research and development team for safety level compressors, strictly following the requirements of the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Military Nuclear Facility Quality Assurance Regulations, Science and Engineering Law No. 311, and the Military Nuclear Safety Equipment Supervision and Management Measures, No. 539, to establish a quality assurance system. It has become the first unit in China to obtain the approval of the National Defense Science and Technology Administration for the manufacturing of "nuclear safety level compressors", Successfully launched the first set of "nuclear safety level compressor drying device" in China.

Everything has rules to follow, evidence to investigate, someone to take responsibility for, and someone to supervise


Security level product professional team

The professional team includes personnel in product research and development, system design, structural design, stress design, electrical engineering design, process design, quality assurance and supervision, special welding, non-destructive testing, tooling testing, process control, inspection and testing, etc. They specially receive training on military nuclear power quality assurance systems such as "311" and "544", and have a thorough understanding of relevant laws and regulations for safety equipment manufacturing, And strictly implement in the manufacturing of items and all related activities to ensure the effective operation of the quality assurance system.


Quality supervision and supervision and promotion of nuclear safety culture

Establish quality objectives in product manufacturing, establish quality assurance supervision and quality control supervision procedures, firmly implement the concept of nuclear safety as the top priority, firmly abide by the provisions of nuclear safety laws, regulations and guidelines, firmly abide by national confidentiality laws, and consistently implement the policy of "safety first, quality first" to ensure the safe and reliable operation of our company's products in nuclear facilities. Promote and implement nuclear safety culture:

Safety first, quality first! Carry forward the military nuclear culture and forge high-quality products for health!

Enhance personal nuclear safety cultural literacy, ensure environmental safety and public health!

Everything has rules to follow, evidence to investigate, someone to take responsibility for, and someone to supervise!